Contest 4964 (HMallina)

I promise not to say anything to this CH if we can get some intervention. He’s rated every single entry a “2” although I’m pretty sure the majority include his preferred keyword. I even got a message indicating that he liked my thought process. Could we guide him on the right path so we have better ratings (or does he think 2s are good ratings? I don’t know.) Thanks!


its not guaranteed so maybe we should await someone getting a 3 lol

@auntshommy, we have now added a permanent section on the contest page which links to rating guidelines, and other aspects (e.g. their responsibility to compensate contestants if they register a domain name). The CHs see this section before they can see their entries. This should further improve the CH awareness of the contest and rating guidelines.


Thanks, Dan. There’s still a problem with either the CH’s comprehension or communication in his brief. As I write, he has rated 130 entries, all of them 2s. I don’t want to cross any lines, but something seems to be amiss.