Contest 4874 (NicErnest Real Estate)

I’d like to make a complaint about NicErnest, the CH of the real estate contest. He awarded no score higher than a “2” during the duration of the contest, which had a prize amount of $200. He asked for submissions with his name, so I entered submissions like “GenuinelyErnestHomes,” most of which got a rating of 1 after the contest had already ended. Could it be that this CH never intended to award this contest, and rated everything that followed his directions that low so that he could insist on a refund? Thanks for looking into it.


I think @auntshommy complaint is spot on. And that this contest should be investigated.


His contest wasn’t guaranteed, he never intended on paying.


Thanks, Kral for your support! Great job on “Sudden Beauty,” by the way! You too, CPN, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Looks like I’ll be eating some crow with my turkey today. A non-guaranteed contest did pay off - the two tower apartment guy!


Even non-guaranteed contests are formed under the aegis of presumption of the presence of intent to seek out a positive (productive) outcome in the form of reimbursement to be awarded conditionally (provided the name is found). But the difficulty lies in proving the lack of a prior intent on the part of the CH to apply reasonable amount of time and energy in finding an eventual winner.


I also agree with Aunt. I gave him relatable names such as Upsold Homes and was given a 1 star for practically everything.

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I got two of 1* for the names very much related to what he was looking for, and backed out from that contest. I don want to have bucketful of 1* s, LOL…

I find it very insulting to have that name as a winner on the board

oh wrong contest lol - I thought it was the ernest one , its still not what was asked but not quite as insulting

I agree @auntshommy I don’t know if he sent comments to others on their name submissions but he sent me a high praise on one of my name’s. Next day, he gave me two star on that very name and the rest of my hard work submissions. I know you all also worked hard, and if he couldn’t pick a name out of the talent pool here, there is no name under the sun that would please him…