Contest #27889 titled REALTOR has me in the Twilight Zone, please rescue

Fellow Creatives,
Please tell me you remember seeing a contest within the last couple weeks almost identical to this one. Their briefs read identical and mention all the same specific details, words, and even the website to check out.

This contest titled “REALTOR” was posted 5 hours ago. I read the brief and immediately recognized it was a repeat, so I went to the CH’s profile to locate the previous contest and see why they were repeating it, and to my surprise it says this is their first contest and that they just joined. I’m a little confused but I think maybe it is a business partner who made the first contest under a different user account, so I go searching for the contest using my submissions board, activity log, etc. and there isn’t one trace. I can’t find that contest anywhere.

Blue Button says no contests are ever deleted.

So what the heck is going on?
I’m not crazy, that contest existed and it is the same. I’m NOT confusing two similar briefs. For research sake however, let’s say that I am confusing two briefs – then WHERE even is the similar brief that I’m supposedly confusing it with?!?

Please tell me someone else noticed, or at least show me the brief that’s identical to this one, because as of right now I feel like something ain’t adding up :eyes::mag_right:


If you remember any of your entry names…you can go to the “my entries” tab…type in your name and see what contests pop up.

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I wonder if you’re thinking of a very similar real estate contest (27815) that just closed? That CH also outlined why they couldn’t use the word “Nest” in their name any longer. Quite a similar brief. I’ve been on SH for over a year now, and don’t remember having seen this number of real estate contests before.

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Off-topic, we’re in another realty-induced financial bubble right now, so it makes sense there are more and more realty businesses. Until it bursts again.


Strange things happen here :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: