Constant modernization of the site - good?


Is anyone’s “date field” working? I am not sure if it is just me that doesn’t work right…wanted to check before I BB’d…


Hi @jackieheraty it’s not working on my end either. When I enter the date it just shows me all of my entries. The filter doesn’t seem to be working.


Thanks @CreativeCookie the filter doesn’t work at all.

@grant Can you have the team look into this? When we enter the filter date, ALL the entries comes up no matter what the date. So while you are having them check into this, can you also have them put the little calendar icon back on that field as well. It was much easier to just click back to a date, now we have to manually enter the date (and it is not in the :“American” dating format, so it gets confusing)



We are looking into this issue.


Thank you @grant (20 characters)


Thanks @grant The calendar is added back and the filter is working again!!


The messages tab is weird now. Particularly if you are using the mobile view. It’s almost like you get stuck and can’t go from messages to any other part of the dashboard. And comments on entries are sent through notifications, but you still have to view them a second time to get the red notice to go away.I am very adaptable and, for the most part, I am ok with the new site design, but the messaging really needs work.


I agree the interface is complicated and hard to use.

For me I find Marketplace Listing management the most crowded and hard section to use, if you have large number of domains then it takes long time scrolling to find your domain because each domain row is talking 1/4 of the screen height. Also the domain menu buttons are crowded and hard to read.

This should be completely remade by using simple list of domains with 1 line each, with only basic info showing (Date, Views, Shortlists, Price) with gear icon to the right that opens a sliding menu that contains all the buttons (change price, add discount…etc). No need to show all the buttons let them be organized inside a hidden menu.

Simplify the interface as much as possible, and make it consistent. In general the interface between some sections does not look consistent, some sections make you feel that you visited entirely different website (bit of exaggeration to emphasize the point).

If it was me I would get a professional skillfully crafted theme* and then apply it on the whole website, a good theme should be:

  1. Modern
  2. Flat design
  3. Simple and clean
  4. Provide great UX
  5. Fast and Effective


Here’s a new saying, “if it ain’t broke, SH will break it!”

@grant it’s worse than just “modernization”. Now I have approved my submission and it’s still showing in “Pending Review”. Reviews are either not done in order, like something broke halfway and old submissions are still there while newer ones get reviewed, or are the old ones reviewed but not cleared?

This SH dashboard is one of the few I’ve seen breaking down with every “update” like those smartphone apps with reviews like “can no longer use after updating”, “after update it broke”, etc etc. Is it a trend these days to get coders to defile what always worked?


Deep, I have a suggestion for you in the meantime if you are viewing your domains on a computer (I don’t know how to do this on a phone because I don’t use my phone this way). Anyway, you will get the exact view you describe if you increase the zoom on your screen. (CTRL+).

I do this all the time and I go back and forth. If I need to see more, I reduce. (For example, to add discounts, change prices).


Hi guys, I’m new to writing in the forum so please bare with me as I just wanted to share a little hiccup i keep coming across with the new update.
In regards to the marketplace, when i have a domain approved, I fill in all the details such as description, categories etc and then hit ‘publish’.
Then on viewing the ‘landing page’ all my data such as ‘categories’ and the ‘description’ has been lost and i have to re enter these details again. This seems only to have happened in the past few months and i’ve kept quite hoping it would be fixed but its still happening. Is anyone else seeing this happen in their marketplace approvals.
Kind regards, Shonel


When I zoom out the text becomes very small, I want the ability to see my domains as a list with something like 20 domains at once. That would make domains management much easier task especially when you have many domains.

Why all buttons are shown in each domain (Change Price, Add discount…etc)? For me this is inefficient redundancy. A gear button with sliding menu will be more efficient.


No Deep, not zooming out, zooming in. Control+ and you will see exactly what you are asking for. You won’t see change price, add discount, etc. Did you try it? Go try it.


Ok I tried it, the buttons disappear and I can now see 5 names instead of 4 names.

It is better than before but I still think there is a lot of vertical space wasted, I wish if there is option to switch to list view with ability to see something like 10+ names at once.


Here is a list view illustration:

This is much more efficient way to browse your list.


Whats with the new big heart icon? Does it show recently shortlisted or something else?


The syllable filter isn’t very accurate. Maybe make it so we can manually correct this. “BFFcode” for instance, is not 1 syllable.