Constant modernization of the site - good?


Hello everyone and have a nice day! Is it possible to find out when the modernization of the site will at least temporarily stop? Everything is very complicated every time, and it takes a lot of effort and time. Almost every new day gives me new “surprises” here. It used to be very convenient to work, but now it’s getting harder and harder to figure it out. Please make the interface for authors easier! After all, it is we who work on it, and before everything was much more comfortable. Today I’ve been trying to figure it out all day and can’t find useful information that was previously in sight almost immediately. I apologize for taking your time and thank you for your attention.


What do you mean by the authoring interface? Are you talking about when you submit entries to contests? Can you explain or maybe even include a screenshot? That way we know what you’re talking about but SH can also know what is causing the issues.


I am talking about a common control panel for authors. I apologize if I express myself not very clearly. English is not my first language and this is a problem)


And the colors are awful. Very, very hard to read. Too faint. Can you darken them?


I support, For example, I can’t get used to the new activity feed. I don’t want to get used to it, I liked the old one


In my opinion everything became too cartoonish, it was slick, clean and user friendly interface, now it’s hard to see or find what you need… My entries page is unusable on small screen, and I am not talking about mobile device, on my laptop that has 1366x768 it’s near impossible to see anything…
Edit: No need to activate both Messages icon and Notifications icon when someone sends us a comment on entry. To remove the red dot I have to read every comment twice…


@AvramChe - I have this problem, too, so I zoomed my screen to over 100% which works pretty well. (Except for the marketplace because it puts some things out of view and I have to switch back to see everything).


I think it would be helpful if we could tell SH what isn’t working well and how we would improve it, specifically. That takes some time, I know! For me, I am frustrated that “my account” info isn’t with my regular dashboard. I have to go searching for how much money I have in my account, for example. I constantly forget where everything is now. I know @Grant said they were trying to pull everything together and they were still working on it so maybe some changes will be made soon? I am with you, though. Lots of time wasted hunting for things.



If you need to see how much money you have, do this – Go to dashboard > click little lightbulb up in right hand top bar :

Then this menu will show up which is the top portion of our public profile:

Note: Ignore my stats :frowning_face: they’re horrible thanks to my not being able to participate much.


If anyone else needs help or a walk through on how to get to something, hopefully in the shortest method possible, let me know. I’ve spent the past few days trying to teach myself how to find everything.


THANK YOU! I just looked and looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find it!


@grant Can you add the “field” back in on the “my entries” page that allowed us to search entries by a time period. I was able to enter a specific entry (or all entries) for the last 2 months or 3 months or 6 months, now that option is completely gone.


Yes - I used to use the date entry function daily too… It would be nice if it could be reinstalled on there.


Thank you very much for the information! This is also what I still could not find.


Not too keen on the navigation of the updated site. One dislike is the ability to go to Active Contests and select Naming / Naming and tagline. The lightbulb not too keen on that either. I do like the way it was set up before. Also for shortlisted and pending winner on “On MY ENTRIES” There needs to be a better way to decipher Pending Winner. I feel it was much easier to navigate before.


Thought it was only me


I think the system has changed, to buttress @Kasinsky point, in the bluebutton option, was looking for @Janice cause she’s my fave but couldn’t find her, they changed the team too.:tired_face:


I agree. I don’t have either the time or bandwidth to keep searching for things that were once readily available to find,and are now hopelessly buried. The more complicated this becomes,the less I participate,as I already am overwhelmed by stressful things,and don’t need to add more stress and difficulty to my life. I do not understand why they keep “updating” and changing things that are already working,and make them harder and more convoluted.You know the old saying… “if it ain’t broke”…


It’s stressful and complicated to me too. I also don’t need it with my current life and health issues. However, that’s why I at least tried to navigate it and learn where things are. It’s not helping completely, but if you need help finding anything, let me know here or look me up and I’ll help however I can. I don’t want us to lose you, though, Holly. You and several others, at least to me, are an integral part of SH and you and those others are irreplaceable. That’s why all these changes confuse me. I understand there are tens of thousands of creatives at least registered but some are more active and have really aided to making this site what it is. I, at least, wouldn’t want to lose anyone like that … but that’s me. I just hope that we’ll all learn these changes and be as strong as ever.


SH thank you for putting the “field” back in on the “my entries” page that allowed us to search entries by a time period. Much appreciated!!