Constant Issues

I have two issues to report in the hopes that something fixes it.

  1. CHs keep posting their favorite names (that have been submitted) in messages. Then, contestants tell the CH in message that this is not allowed but never report it to SH. You have to report those to SH to get them removed and it is only fair that you do. Don’t bother telling the CH in a message. SH gets to them fast. But please! Report them!
  2. Several CHs have recently said they have not “seen” a large swath of their entries. I know SH just changed their platform so I am reporting this. No, I don’t have the examples. One was a CH that got into it with a creative in messages. Bottom line: something seems to be amiss with new platform for CHs and they don’t seem to see all the entries.

Thanks @Commulinks
This is absolutely correct. As a guideline, Creatives should be speaking directly with the CH only about naming. Everything related to rules and policy should be reported to Squadhelp for us to take action on.

Also, thank you for reporting the issue. I have shared it with the development team. If you come across any specific contests, please report those directly via that chat, and we’ll have more info to work with.

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