Constant Changes to Contest

I’d like to suggest that when a CH extends a contest beyond the original end date and bombards us with all kinds of changes/suggestions every few hours, the prize ought to be more than $50. I’m surprised the prize in the re-run Tagline for Financial Company isn’t $100 in the first place; taglines usually are. Last night the CH gave us some suggestions for ideas to include. This morning he has revised them again. He didn’t rate last night’s suggestions especially high, either. True, no one has to keep submitting and keep up with him. But I think two weeks of submitting and constant revisions should offer more than $50. Thanks.


Getting that feeling he wants multiple tags his changes have been because of a company name change? From something serious to a rather not so serious name and very different and odd directions from his first original brief

@auntshommy I agree that a contest should not constantly change.

Some CHs will even change direction in the final hours. Of course, that is understandable if it was a conventional 1-to-1 creative service (with contracts signed and payment already made), but we are a 100 minds, and this is a contest, and a good contest is characterized by good and well thought-out rules.

Personally, I don’t think a CH should be allowed so much room that they feel it’s okay to be fickle-minded.

The brief/requirements/direction should be set at some point.


you should only be allowed to add on to a brief not completely change it (in my opinion)…or changes should be in the comments rather than changing the brief

The winner of this contest joined SH (supposedly) a couple weeks ago. His picture looks very familiar to me, as if I’ve seen it win another contest under a different name. Does anyone else think he looks familiar? SH, I sent a PM about this. Thanks.


Yeah, it’s frustrating to keep trying to meet requests that change. I’ve noticed that some CHs don’t seem to really know what they want, or maybe they like to see how much they can make us work.

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