Complete Ratings per Contest on the "Active contest" homepage?

So the current “Active contest” homepage only displays the “like it” and “love it” smiley faces for every contest. This is a great feature since we all like to work on the contests that we have a better chance of winning. I think we should expand this feature and show a complete list of ratings from not rated to “love it” smiley face. Even displaying entries that are not rated still have value since it lets me know not to invest any more time till they rate. We currently have to comb through each one to see our “lesser” ratings and determine if we should still submit.

I know you can view this on your own profile page but it is extremely time consuming because you have to go back and forth between contests.

In a completely unrelated subject, I would like to nominate “Private Submission” as the greatest entry in the history of entries. May it reign upon this great forum for 1,000 years.


@writerdsouza This is a great idea! That would be so helpful! And LOL on Private Submission. It’s a popular name. Tee hee.


ROFLMBO!!! :laughing:


Thanks! The last one was mine…can’t tell you what it really was :disappointed_relieved: