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there were so many this month…I would like to suggest SH keep a list of abandoned contests, then after a period of time shoot them an email questionaire to simply inquire why they abandoned including the its not you its me option lol, but seriously, I have theories but its better from the horses mouth. We could also ask or brainstorm on either incentive or fine if you will for abandoning. Honestly what kills me the most is waiting…can we figure out a way to shorten the process? Perhaps less days? More easy for them to rate in the beginning when they are hot?


I agree Slogana. There seem to be more and more abandoning contests,particularly, it seems, since the new rule of splitting the award between all who scored highest…don’t know why…it just seems that way!..maybe because they know they can? In which case, technically, they shouldn’t be allowed to use any of the names IMO. Many do seem to rate regularly in the first few days…then just let it die. It would be nice if the process were faster (though there are legit reasons why it isn’t…some clients need longer, etc) or if more CH’s actually selected a winner instead of letting it be split…but it is what it is, I suppose. I found if I submit regularly, it’s nice to get that small (sometimes very small) payday twice a month…but I am sure we would all rather win the entire amount! :slight_smile:

are we making it too much work for them? Communicating via questions all could see seems to work nicely, if it were me, and I rated a bunch, then people went in and just removed and resubmitted and Just kept getting a cycle of this stuff, after a while I would stop rating too. I know some have boards to deal with trademark issues ect, but not all do, because some pick a winner fairly soon after contest ending…it would just be nice to know up front how long we may wait instead of guessing. It’s great when the contest holder sais, ok gang we are reviewing and getting back to you next week, or in a few days. It would be great if this was a required thing of all CH (different issue I know). Perhaps the brief or SH could helpful in that area? Perhaps SH could suggest it to CH?

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It’s great when the contest holder says, “OK gang we are reviewing and getting back to you next week, or in a few days.” [/quote]
I agree -That helps tremendously, when we’re all waiting with “bated breath” for a winner to be announced (LOL) :wink:

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It certainly helps us from obsessively checking and wondering if the contest will be abandoned or whenw e have a shot at payday

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Great idea it would definitely be nice to have some sort of update. Especially with some of the multi name contests where we see there are liked entries no LOVE IT and No shortlist. I find those the most challenging to follow.

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