Commissions on SH Owned Domains are completely messed up


Commissions on SH owned domains that renewed are completely and utterly messed up. I reported this problem more than 6 months ago but now that I cannot control my renewals on SH owned domains and they are using my global setting, my commissions are being cut in half and more. I am so frustrated with all of these changes and how they impact our commissions.

I feel that SH should put ALL of the commissions back to the original rate, which was 36%, to fix them and start all over again. Because you keep moving the ball, and the system keeps goofing it all up, we need a standard. I spent time the last time sending SH a list of all of my commissions that were wrong. SOME of them were even higher than I had approved. Now, on some of them, you can’t even see the commission terms.

During these times, seeing SO MUCH commission loss is incredibly disheartening!!!

Please, SH, fix it!


We are working on an update which will be available later this week. This will allow creatives to make changes to their commission settings after the domain has been renewed. To summarize:

  1. All renewals will be handled as per your account level settings.
  2. If you would like to handle certain domain renewals differently, you will be able to make that change within 30 days after the renewal.

For example, if your global setting is Apply $5 + 500 points, the system will use that setting on all your domains. However if you prefer to choose “No Fee” option on one of your domains, you will be able to change that setting within 30 days of renewal. The system will automatically credit back $5 and 500 points in that example.

We will announce when this feature is available.


Grant, please don’t do any more changes until the problem I outlined is fixed 100%.
I have had names renew with SH paying for them that I didn’t even have the option to change and vice versa. The entire dashboard is completely messed up. Every time you guys make changes, something goes wrong. Your response to my post isn’t related to what I said. The commission rates are randomly changing without our permission to levels we did not approve. This has been going on for more than 6 months.

PS: And as I said, I reported it via Blue Button months ago. I sent a spreadsheet of all my SH owned names where the commissions were not what I approved. Now, they are so messed up that I am losing a ton of money on commissions because I can’t make the changes I need to make. Names are getting renewed with me paying for them that I did not choose and names are getting renewed by Squadhelp that used my global setting and I couldn’t change them. On those, the commissions have dropped in half to a calculation that doesn’t even seem to be one of the options. Please, put everything back. Put every SH owned domain back to the original commission when you started the marketplace (which was 36% and then you started those varied ones) and start over.


SH-owned names are a bad deal for creatives. After one year, sellers pay the full renewal rate and we get a tiny commission?


  • Never give SH a name you think is worth anything.
  • Never pay for renewals.

I stopped participating in this exploitative proposition months ago


I don’t consider SH to be exploiting me. Unlike you and others, I was not a domainer when SH opened the marketplace. I had no idea whatsoever what domains were worth anything. SH got many of us started through SH owned domains. I was paying for renewals to keep my commission higher on some. These are names that I never would have purchased at the time because I had no idea if they were viable or not.

Whatever professional domainers think of this practice, is up to you. But I was not one of them and I jumped into the marketplace literally the first day they started it to get it going. Now, more than half the names I have are names that I own. I moved forward carefully and steadily and I am profitable.

Although the commissions on SH owned domains are low, they helped to get me started doing something I really love to do. I knew going in what it meant and then moved to owning my domains over time and SH introduced new ways to submit domains (especially unreg domains).

SH has not exploited me or anyone else who participated. We had a deal together is all.


I love many things about Squadhelp. Its innovation, its aggressive marketing spend, that it listens to feedback and pivots rapidly.

I do not love its SH-registered name policy. In my view, asking sellers to assume 100% of the risk and pay full renewal fees after a year while accepting a paltry commission is exploitative.

Fortunately, we are all entitled to our opinion and free to act accordingly.