Commission on SH owned names - proposal

One of the great features with SH is the ability to earn on SH owned names, believe all can subscribe to that. Also makes sense that the commission is reduced over time (higher and higher renewal fee for SH as well as lower likelihood of selling). What I have been thinking of / noticing in my own behaviour though is that I do not care that much about the end-user price on many of my SH owned names as compared to the ones I own myself. I make maybe 20% on an SH owned names and 3-4X that on a name I own - I will have less incentives to “up the price” on a SH owned name for the simple reason that I make so little of the price increase surplus.

I would propose that you at SH gave “owners” of SH owned names the opportunity to earn more for SH owned names sold above the set list price. Say SH lists a name at 2000$ and thus expecting to earn about 1500$ when/if it sells. If I as a owner/custodian of that name notice a big increase in the segment it belongs to (example: Meta / Verse names past year) I would be incentivised to up the price significantly if a domain is trending. Right now I am not incentivised to actively manage pricing / set offers etc to my SH owned names. So proposal, keep the commission modell as is BUT add a layer where the overage amount from the approved amount is commissioned higher (for example 50/50 or so). This would incentivise users too much more actively sell your names.

An option to this would be to offer users to take over the renewal fees on a name and set a minimum SH commission for any future sales but leave the surplus between minimum and sale price to the one paying the renewal fee.

Both proposals aim at getting more activity into SH owned names and more value out of their sales for all parties.