Comments meant to be private

I have been receiving comments meant to be private via email notifications, these comments should only be seen by the intended recipient. in one instance a PM came though asking a specific contest holder to tweak their entry leaving a specific word , I know this was not intended for any one to see but that contestant please fix this. in this case if creative didn’t see message b4 someone else could enter that name it would suck. I hope this is understandable.

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I have received them too and hope the right person got the message too. We are seeing several messages from this contest holder, yet they are for someone else. And they don’t show in comment board, they are for one contestant.

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I also received an email from CH on my recent win name but it is not in my messages and I can not respond to her.

We are looking into this issue. Are you seeing this issue for a specific contest? or is it happening across many contests?

seezall and I are referring to the eco contest

Not sure which Tammy is referring to

Got it. The issue seems to be related to the scenario: when a contest holder responds back on a private comment, it is incorrectly sending a notification to all participants, even though it was in response to a private comment. We are fixing this on priority.


This issue is now resolved. Any replies to private comments will no longer send any public notifications.

We apologize for the glitch.


I just wanted to publicly thank my friends on the site for their very kind comments on the site and support on this forum. And Dan, thanks to SH for resolving the privacy issue quickly, especially since there was an NDA on this contest. Thanks to everyone again! It means a lot!

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Great win I will share the definition Anhydrous (of a substance, especially a crystalline compound) containing no water ! Way to do your homework ) You Rock !

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You too, Seez! Thanks again for your support!