Commenting on contest page about rating

So I know that questioning/contesting ratings is not tolerated, but what about asking for more feedback on entries or asking the CH if they are planning on rating any more entries? At the moment I am reticent about commenting at all. I’m not sure if I’ll get spanked for saying the wrong thing, when all I really want is a direction to move in, even just a hot or cold. Can anyone clear this up for me?

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I don’t think that’s prohibited.

If you ask “What direction would you like us to head in” opposed to " Why did you give me a bad rating for my entry" you should be fine.


@Jacob, both @kreativekim and @skevans are correct. If you are simply asking for feedback, it is absolutely fine. Bringing up ratings to imply that the CH has given too many low ratings, or asking them about why they did not like certain names is not allowed.

So when I first started about a month ago I made the mistake of asking about a rating. I am now banned from messaging anyone. I am so very sorry that I made this mistake. At what point might I be allowed to message again?


@cryssy91178, in order to be eligible to post comments or send private messaging in SH, you need to have a minimum of 400 points, or 1 contest win. This rule now applies to all contestants, regardless of whether or not they were previously banned from messaging.

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Well I just got blocked because I commented that I requested SH look into contest enteries for a contest in which the CH is involving their employees and with only 2 entries their employee I top ranked with both of their enteries at a 4. Among hundreds of entries. I found it questionable. So after CH reported me my comments were removed and I was blocked. No warning. However this type of message I got blocked for is not even covered in the messaging policy. I would like to know how I can be told I broke rules that don’t exist

@Laurenb1101,sending rude/ accusatory messages to any other members is not allowed. In this case, you directly accused the CH of rigging the contest when they have been absolutely transparent about their intention. You may choose not to participate in that contest, but directly accusing CH that their intention is to actually rig the contest is not something we would allow in contest comments.

We reserve the right to remove messaging privileges if we believe the comments did not follow the acceptable guidelines. You can contact us directly at to discuss this further as well as next steps.


I have contacted directly. And I don’t mind the comments being deleted. But if the rule was not stated it is not right to block me from messaging over something I was unaware was not acceptable. Being new I have not had lots of time to understand the unmentioned gray area of rules.

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Also they weren’t open about it. Had another contestant not informed us we wouldn’t have known. Now she has opened up in the comments about it only after my messages.

And basically you’re saying that if you Guys just don’t like the comments you have the right to block anyone from posting? What’s the point of the policy then?

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Also had CH been up front to contestants I wouldn’t have given them any names at all as I’m sure many others would have also avoided this contest.

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@Laurenb1101, we have already responded to your direct message, and you have continued to post multiple messages on the different threads in the discussion forum about the same issue. We will not delete those comments in discussion forum, because we truly believe in keeping an open communication.

However the contest messaging section is meant for clarifications about contest brief, and not for accusing the CH about rigging the contest. It is clearly stated in the policy (which is shown before you post a comment) that any personal attacks or rude language will not be tolerated. It is also explained that this section is meant only for the purpose of seeking clarification on contest brief. There are other avenues to report other issues, the contest message board is not that avenue. If you feel such an issue is happening, you should bring the issue to Squadhelp’s attention, not directly accuse the CH.

In this specific case, the CH was the one who posted in discussion forum that they wanted some of their employees to join. While it is completely understandable if some contestants do not feel comfortable participating in a contest where the employees are participating. However, accusing them of misleading or cheating is not acceptable.


Not everyone looks here before entering

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so I expect the original comment from another contestant which brought the subject into the comment section of the contest as well as blocking their commenting. Seeing that that was no place to discuss such a topic

I have used most of my points for best entry. I had way more than 400 points before that. So I guess my question is do I need to keep 400 points at all times in order to message?

Also, why is it that you jump to block messaging after just 1 instance? especially when I didn’t send any private unwanted messages, or use mean or bad language. in the messaging policy the rule about unwanted messages is clearly worded to be unwanted private messages. it doesn’t say anything to cover what I apparently did wrong. so really I think its wrong to block my messaging. my messages clearly said this is what I believe to be happening, and that I personally wanted this to be looked into. now if you can review the contest and tell me that the employees 2 entries are really the top of over 400 entries that would clear up the confusion.

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I’m not being mean here, but wow…settle down.


Can you just keep this between you and Dan, and/or take his advice/explanation for what happened please?


@cryssy91178, Yes, you do need to maintain a minimum point balance. When a couple of months ago I took dive turn on a roller-coaster ride with my entries going from 1000 to 0 (actually to minus that readjusted itself), my capacity to communicate with ‘Earth’ continued through the rough 400’s but stopped short below the water-mark level of 400.

Thank you for letting me speak again - can I mention green faces or is that the same as ratings :wink:

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