Comment Section on Contests -can you fix

@RachelSH Since the last update, the comment board on contests are hard to know if your comment “took”…you hit the submit button, but nothing happens, so you think it didn’t work and hit it again. You can see many other people have the same issue and we keep getting the same comments several times. Is there a way to fix it so we know the comment pops up after hitting the submit button the first time like it used to…the new way nothing happens


Hi @jackieheraty,

I will definitely look into this and notify our Tech Team of the double commenting. Could you send me the link to the contest where this problem is happening?


Have seen this in a handful of contests, like

The comment by “chocolate”

Yes, thanks @lightless@RachelSH…it is not just one, it happens in a lot of them. It’s the new way the submit button works, it doesn’t “pop” the comment on the boardand it makes it seem like the message didn’t go thru …so people hit it over and over. It USED to go to the comment board right after hitting the button, it doesn’t do that now since the upgrade.

Thank you for the feedback, I have explained the situation to our tech team and they are working on fixing this!

Can you also check why the “report” button is also missing on comment boards…if the CH give a creatives name as an example, we can no longer “report” the comment to be removed…


Yes absolutely! I will check into that. Thank you for letting us know :blush:

You beat me to the punch on that one,Jackie! I was noticing the same thing…good catch!

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