.com checker does not work properly


Hi! Most of the names I try to enter into contests appear as available on godaddy, but unaivalable on squadhelp. I’ve also encountered this issue when submitting names for the marketplace.


I have the same problem too.


Global issue, team is working on it. You can submit marketplace domains only until it is resolved. I am sure they will fix it in no time :slight_smile:


Small trick until it is resolved (computer only, did not try on mobile device). If you know domain is available, just select the text in the domain fiend, CTRL+X it (cut), click anywhere outside the domain name field to get “domain cant be empty” message, back to the domain name field, CTRL+V (paste), and see if it is accepted. For me it works once every 5 times on average.
Look at me being nice and all, telling everyone how to participate contests instead of taking advantage of the situation :smiley:


Its fixed now.:grinning:


Nice of you! Btw, I managed to enter names that were initially dismissed as unavailable by just retyping them, but only tried it few times.