Collect buyers transfer info immediately following payment

I’d like to see buyers transfer instructions collected as soon as they make payment. This seems to be an ongoing issue that has/can create long wait times for buyers to receive the domain and in turn sellers to be paid out for their sale. In some cases sellers have to wait up to 10 days before transferring and then wait longer to receive their funds.

Consider either requiring the buyer to provide transfer details while they are checking out… or squadhelp to request their transfer details immediately upon the buyers payment being made (same day). The details can be secured by squadhelp and held until after buyer payment clears. Instead of squadhelp going on a witch hunt to get the buyers transfer instructions.

Payment/transfer should be able to be completed in most cases within 48hrs max.


I disagree, this would create unnecessary friction during the checkout and it might decrease the conversion rate. Collect the information during the checkout which is absolutely necessary to process the payment.

According to the buyer terms, a buyer must submit the transfer instructions within 5 days. After 5 days the domain will be transferred to the SH escrow and then you should get your payment.

How does this create friction if immediately following the successful payment from the buyer they are taken to a “submit transfer instructions” page?? The payment is made, the instructions are received right away… there is no need with this to further delay a seller being paid for 5 or more days. Setting the transfer instruction requirement immediately after the payment would eliminate this unnecessary delay.


Ah ok, then I misunderstood you. I thought that you want to collect the transfer details during the checkout, before the payment.

Then I agree, immediately after the payment the buyer should be taken to the page where he/she can enter the transfer instructions.

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