Closing Comments to Contest Holders

Grant, is there a way for us to leave a final comment to the Clients, once our names have been selected as a winning entry?

I’m tempted to send a PM, but I don’t want it to appear that I’m sending a bunch of PMs to ask for “special consideration, or inside information.”

Perhaps when we receive notification of our win, there could be a box where we can leave a “Thanks for choosing my name, and good luck with your business” comment? :speech_balloon:


I always send thank-yous through PM after my name is chosen. It’s totally reasonable to do that, AlwriteyThen! And it is clear by the number of wins vs. messages sent that it is one message per contest won. I don’t think you should worry about that.


@AlwriteyThen I agree with @Commulinks. I always send a PM to the CH to thank them for choosing my name and wish them good luck with their new business.
I do believe that SH can see your PM’s to the CH, so they would let you know if your doing something wrong.


Actually, I like the idea of having a 'Thank you" box after you win that won’t count towards the PM count!


Sending a Thank You messaging after winning a contest is absolutely not a violation of our policies. One message per win would not be a high volume of messages in the grand scheme of things, and we encourage this type of positive communication! :smile:


Hey Grant, I’m glad this subject came up because I’ve always wondered if the CH even sees the PMs. I’ve only ever had one CH respond to my thank you!

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@Commulinks - It’s a good questions. A CH certainly has the ability to see your thank you message. However, we do not know for certain if a CH sees the email notification or logs back in to check their messages.

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It would be really nice if it was sure that they do.

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I’ll think about this… :slight_smile: