Closed Unrated Contests


This was sparked by the solar contest but I’ve seen it happen with other contests.

No entries were rated in that contest, though mine were all seen and I expect other people’s were seen, too. Now the contest is closed and in “winner selection” mode without any ratings. It does offer a guaranteed prize, however.

What is going on in these cases?

Thank you!


Laurelana, SH gives a certain time period for the closed contest and if the CH still has not chosen a winner then SH chooses by a best entry . So be sure you have marked what you feel are your best entries in that contest.

I think sometimes the CH doesn’t feel comfortable rating entries and maybe hurting people’s feelings, or they have other people they have to run the names by…or maybe they just don’t want to tip their hand as they think people won’t submit names if they feel the ratings are too low. Maybe they are busy and want to look at the names and decide in their own time frame. There could be many reasons even besides these.

I know it makes it easier for us when CH’s rate, as then we can get a feel for where they are going and change directions if we need to…and in the long run I think the CH’s will get better names if they rate and answer questions…but I guess there is no hard and fast rule mandating that they rate entries,and each CH is different.