Closed - Finalizing Winners

I have participated in a contest that is Closed - Finalizing Winners so far.

I have 13 entries Seen By CH but Not Yet Rated.

Is there something SH could do to let the CH know that is very important that they rate us?

Could SH sends a reminder or something like that to CH before they select any winner and let them know they need to rate everybody before to choose a winner?

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The CH doesn’t need to rate everybody. They don’t need to rate anyone at all. SH encourages a CH to rate entries because it encourages more entries along the same lines from creatives, but it’s completely up to them if they rate entries or not.


@Skull it really depends on the CH, sometimes they will rate while the contest is open to give us direction and sometimes they don’t. Once the contest is closed they often use the ratings for themselves as a sorting mechanism. It really doesn’t benefit us once the contest is closed if they are rated or not (except to give us hope). Good to keep in mind as well that sometimes they have to take the entries to a group of people to make a decision on a name. It is really up to the CH if they chose to rate entries or not. I am just really repeating what AbleBrands has already said :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. I keep the motivation and I am more and more active.

SquadHelp provides plenty of helpful materials to contest holders. Also, many times contest holders don’t come here with a clear/fixed idea of what type of name they are after or what they can get in terms of .com availability. This is one of the reasons they do not rate entries and don’t offer further guidance during the contest. Off course, another massive reason for not rating entries during the contest is the lack of time ( I can’t even imagine how is it to be assaulted with 1.000-2.000 name ideas while maybe you got a business to run and a family)


Great point. Thanks!

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