Closed - Finalizing Winner

Since I’m new, I figured I’d ask the experts. If I entered a contest (the spa one for example) and it shows “Closed - Finalizing Winner,” should I still mark any as a Best Entry? According to the screen, the CH hasn’t viewed my entries yet.

Maybe those who have been here longer than myself will have some different input…but I never do. I have found often when they have not rated, or stopped looking at entries, they have either abandoned the contest, or already found a winner.

Since it takes 50 points to best entry something…in that case I would feel it was a waste of points.If the contest is abandoned…then down the road SH will open it up for best entries,then you can determine then what you want to do.

Of course it’s up to you, but my experience tells me that if they haven’t viewed my entries before closing…they probably aren’t going to after because I marked one a best entry.

Best of luck!

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There is a possibility that a contest is considered abandoned. Admin sent notification to mark best on entries then suddenly CH came to life and choose a winner. Better this way than…Congrats hollygirl


Thanks,Hawk! I always love it too, when in the 11th hour, they choose you.

I really liked that name, and when it looked abandoned,I was bummed, as I thought my name wouldn’t get picked by SH,as they tend to favor a different kind of name.
Then,voila! So you just never know in this gig.

I just keep hopeful and throw out my net, and hope a fish swims in now and then.

Best of luck,everyone!