Clean Slate Board?

@Grant or @Dan
What do you think about starting the message board with a clean slate? My reason why? I was looking for an answer concerning the points system and there have been so many threads and changes that it is hard to know which is current until you click on them and read the dates. This can become very confusing. Maybe put a starter thread with a link to the points and ratings systems that are current. It would also eliminate those threads that have the same questions asked and answered over and over again. Maybe a newbie thread with FAQ. And some threads have hundreds of entries having nothing to do about the topic at all. LOL We do tend to be a chatty bunch :blush:

What does everyone think about this?


This is a good idea.

For now, the best place to look for information about policies is our Help Articles. We do our best to keep this updated with the latest announcements from the Forum.