CHs who reveal submitted names in messages


It happened to and the winning name was just a letter or two off the prefix of my revealed name


I think in that case…they should split the award, if it is obvious the winning name was generated off your thought processes.My name ended up being exposed twice,so I have little hope now of winning the contest, as everyone I am sure has played off my name by now. And I could totally use a win right about now.Sigh.


Yikes yeah mine was shortlisted immed then the names were revealed then it totally was a play off of mine :frowning:


@hollygirl and @Vivegoodkarma I would definitely report a winning name that was playing off of a name of mine that was submitted and revealed by a CH. I think that might be against SH rules or at least worthy of a complaint.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for these thoughts.

It is important for us to help protect the IP of our Creatives. Therefore, we already show a message to all Contest Holders at the top of the screen from which Public Messages are sent. However, it is possible that some CH’s are not seeing this, so we will look for other ways to make it even more prominent.


@grant Just a thought and I don’t know if it’s possible, but, is there a way you could set the system up to recognize words or phrasing that is a direct match to a given contest. I think someone suggested earlier to hold and screen messages until they are cleared. But what if a message is only held if the system recognizes it as potentially containing an entry???


Thanks for this idea, @Chasity2ku. However, I don’t think it is feasible at this time.