CHs who reveal submitted names in messages


There have been several CHs who have revealed names submitted to their contests in public messages. I respectfully request SH to make it more clear somehow to CHs that this is not allowed and creatives to please use the blue button to report it to SH the minute you see it. SH takes those down fast if you report it to them with the blue button. Every time this happens, the creatives whose names are revealed are at risk. When we simply tell the CH, the names just sit there because they don’t know how to take them down.


Why via the blue button…do they not respond to the “Report” button right there on the comment board? That’s where I have reported…


Jackie, good question. I’ve done both and have found that blue button works while report button does not seem to work. That could have been a fluke. Have you found the report button to work?


Well I’ve reported here and there, but haven’t had time to go back…on lunch hour now. By the time I get home from work, I have no clue where it was…


I’ve had a name revealed in the public messages - I thought “hey, maybe they’ll choose it, they seem to really like it!” Nope, lol (but yes, I cringe when I see CH’s do this, not good for anyone).


I always report these with the report button as I remember that sinking feeling when it happened to me. Maybe SH could add a “revealing names” in the report comments. I also feel at lot of the times in the CH messages that they don’t understand that we can’t see which names they like and dislike, and they think they are providing feedback to all of us when rating.


I am re-posting here now with the hopes of catching @grant 's attention on this issue. It is becoming extremely frustrating to see so many CHs revealing submitted names and I really feel something has to be done. I report them when I see them but it really is time to do something else with CHs on this lines.

I had a CH reveal my name in a contest after I subbed it and I won the contest which made it look like I had submitted a name revealed by a CH. I’ve seen long lists of names revealed in messages that the CH said came from us. It is so unfair to contestants whose names are revealed.

What can be done? Please, SH, take action.


@Commulinks et al - This is noted.

Please always use the blue button to report these issue. This is the fastest way to reach the right people who can act on these issue.


@grant I agree with @Commulinks.
Seems like this is happening more regularly. It used to be one or two names they’d mention.
Now they are exposing lists of them.
Reporting to SH Admin. only removes it from that contests message tab. It does NOT remove it from all the emails that went out, to all the creatives who participated in that contest. Only reason I am ever aware that names are made public is through an email. By the time I check the contest page it has been rectified.

Not sure what the solution is but, maybe a pop-up that explains that creative’s entries cannot be posted in messages. And maybe a short reason explaining why.


I wonder if something changed in the interface on the CH’s end that made whatever they were told about this before less visible? It does seem like it is a change.


We have added additional information in our Messaging section that alerts the CH to not disclose any Creative’s entry. We will monitor this and if it continues to happen, we will take additional steps.


Perfect! Thank you so much for taking action on this! I hope it works.


Grant, when was this done because I just now reported one that happened in the last hour.


Still a problem… ugh


I saw two and reported one, as one had already been fixed…frustrating for sure.


@Commulinks. aka Clinks :slight_smile:

I found this in the “Messaging Guidelines For Contest Holders”…so it is made clear, they just might not read it. Maybe if it was placed in somewhere within the message entry area then it would be seen as they are entering the message.

Never Disclose a Creative’s Entry: All entries submitted to your contest are private and are only visible to you. Respect the intellectual property of the creatives by not disclosing their submissions in a public message that is visible to other creatives.\


I just had a CH reveal my love it name in a contest (grrrr!) so it is still happening. SH fixed it promptly…but eleventy hundred people still got the email where they exposed it,and I am sure are working off variations of my name. It’s so frustrating.


I wish the SH system could recognize when a CH is going this and put the message into some kind of pending status where the message doesn’t post unless someone looks at it. Sorry this happened to you, Holly.


That’s a really good idea Clinks. It’s time.


I think that is a good idea as well…or they could have a message in the message box (where they type the comments) in red saying “Not to reveal creatives names”. Sorry that has happened to you Holly :frowning: I know how frustrating that can be.