CH's Due Diligence

Hi, I’m posting this here at Whirlwind’s suggestion, since a slogan was just chosen that is already trademarked…( which of course could easily happen with any of our submissions sometime since we don’t have the responsibility to verify such things)

I’m always happy for the CH when they get something they love…However, as we have informally discussed many times over the past year, I hope SH is clear with them that we don’t do CH’s due diligence, it’s up to them to verify existing trademarked slogans and decide upon relevance and/or their tolerance level.

And I think that, just as a general comment regarding previous mentions elsewhere, CH’s should not necessarily rush to close contests if they need the extra time to do their diligence.


Thank you @CreativeSpark- Good Point, and along those lines, I am curious/somewhat concerned about the check-box that shows up under the tagline entries, as well.

I can promise I have not purposely plagiarized, & that the “work is my own”… but feel uncomfortable ‘checking off’ that the work is not copyrighted. (I have not opened up the orange highlight to look at it yet. That would have to be done on an un-entered contest.)

Here is the paste from the “Copyright Restrictions” section that appears the first time a new contest is entered: (if you click on the orange words)

ORIGINAL work only
If it isn’t yours, don’t submit it. You can certainly get inspired by other contestants’ suggestions, but please do not blatantly steal other contestant’s ideas and submit them as your own. This is especially important for logo and design contests. Any design work that you submit on Squadhelp must be your own. If you are in violation of any copyright, it would immediately result in suspension of your account. If someone else’s ideas gave you inspiration for your own entries, please give the credit to the other contestant by adding a comment.

Any thoughts or ideas on this? @Dan- Can you elucidate?

@CreativeSpark, @whirlwind: Contestants should not knowingly submit any entries that violate or infringe any copyrights or trademarks. Sometimes, this might happen unknowingly. If a contestant discovers that their submission violates some IP/ or Trademark, they should report that to contest holder immediately so that the CH is aware of the issue.

We are working on publishing more clear guidelines in this regard for both contest holders, as well as contestants. In the meantime, if you do find that any of the work you might have submitted is violating any trademark or copyright, please inform the contest holder by adding a comment to the entry, or sending them a message.

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