CHs blocking by accident maybe?

I am following a current contest, where two creatives have very politely outlined in the Message board that they can no longer submit entries as the CH has blocked them. To the first one, the CH replied that this was a total mistake and no block had been intended. In fact they would unblock (they haven’t yet). This seems to go counter to everything I’ve read from SH about blocking, which is that it is really obvious to the CH what they are doing and it wasn’t possible to block by accident. I would really like to understand this. Either way, thank you to those creatives, as it’s something I will consider before submitting any more to this contest…


This is my second post on this, so I seem to be replying to myself and asking a question of @grant I have just been on another contest, lots of entries, several extensions of time. But a whole raft of creatives have just said on the public message board that they would no longer be participating as they had been blocked by the CH. The CH replied something like “What? Me? I haven’t blocked anyone…”. So what is going on here? Obviously the CH has done something unknowingly to trigger a block. This is in spite of SH saying that there’s no way a block could be triggered by accident.


@canswift Thanks for sharing this feedback. The CHs need to go through quite a bit of information during a short period of time to stay engaged in their contest. There are several policies they need to agree to, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of names they need to rate, create shortlists, provide feedback, run audience tests, check trademarks etc.

As a result, it is certainly possible that some CHs may click on the wrong buttons when they did not intend to, or may not fully understand the implications of certain actions. Our goal is to make the UX as clear as possible, and while there are some exceptions, the blocking feature is being used correctly for the most part. Having said that, we will continue to review this closely and will make adjustments if needed.


Thank you @grant for responding. Is there a way for me to privately send you the contest number of this just closed contest? You could maybe review this accidental blocking with the CH and figure out any changes that might need to be made to prevent this in future?


@canswift Please share the contest number via blue button. You can refer this thread and ask them to forward the details to me or the product team.


Thanks @grant, I have just done that. If you get a chance at some point to post some general updates on this issue, it would be appreciated.