Check your entries in the (just awarded) Digital Growth contest!

Three of mine are no longer available.

I have no entries in that one - are you using the sh checker, sometimes it doesnt show australian names correctly, you have to manually check on an australian domain checker site

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How do I check availability?

I just went back to the contest page and checked (via SH).

Thanks, Jose! I think SH was wrong. Glad to know…I liked those names! Will contact Janice.

I had one bought too. How do we ask that it be researched through the contest page, I can’t seem to locate it?

The link under my entries is blocked by other letters/words. I think something’s off on that page. CPN: Check on the au registry Jose refers to above – your name may still be available.

3 or 4 of mine say “taken” on SH, but when I check Whois, they are for sale by godaddy.

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you press the check domain button on the entry and the option for reporting should come up if the doamin is taken - on the left hand side - you then need to go to who is and cut and paste the relevant url details

@Dan. Upon Stalias’ notice I checked my entries for this contest and the entry that came up missing for me was, as Seezall terms it, a favorite from my “name vault”, TrumpFish. I went ahead and reported it from the entry page, but truth is I have entered this name in other contests, so it could have been scooped up from one of them, or just thought up by the person who registered it? Hard to say. My question is: if it was scooped up from some contest that it is entered in does our “check system” compare the WHOIS IP address I cut and pasted against only the contest attached to the inquiry or do we run it against a CH IP address data base? The reason I ask, is that we do float our hard work out there, and any opportunity to match a bought domain to a contest entry would be nice for us. In this case if the check produced a match, at least the CH would be notified and maybe they’d be kind and offer to pay? Just to put it out there I have successfully used hypnosis therapy to keep myself from becoming sad when I discover that one of my entries has been purchased. No tears here :smile:


@CherryPopNames, the Who IS information does not provide IP address of the person registering the domain. What you might be seeing in the Who Is record is the IP address of the server where that domain is hosted. This is always different from the IP address of the person who actually registered the domain. Therefore, we look at other aspects such as name, city, email to find a match. If any of those parameters match, or if we receive multiple reports of domain registration on the same contest, we always follow up with the CH to check if they registered the name, and remind them about our IP and compensation policy.

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Thanks Dan. Makes sense.

We have fixed the availability check issue. You should now see the correct domain availability information for this extension. Sorry about the glitch!