Changing prices of Premium Domains

Hi guys,

Do we have any information about implications of (frequent) price changes of the premium domains? Do they suffer their rank or position? Or anything else?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated


I look forward to others input on this question. I wonder that all the time. SH raised my SH owned domain prices a lot and I raise my owned domains sometimes. What I have seen (but I don’t have calculations about these changes, only anecdotal) is that sometimes when I raise a price, the names get much more attention. Yet, on other names I have had to lower prices because they just go too long without enough interest. I keep track of names that have had their prices raised, and I use that as information if I see a name is suddenly not doing well. I don’t pay as close attention to this as I should.


I was wondering about pricing too… When we offer discounts those that have shortlisted the name are sometimes notified from what I understood. However if we change the price I don’t think they are notified. Perhaps it would be useful to add a button for those who shortlist our names to opt-in (ie “Notify me when there is a price change”).

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SH told me once that customers are notified when there is a price change - Maybe only a decrease, I don’t know. They told me to do that once because I had some sort of problem with running a sale or something.

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Thanks @Commulinks!
@grant - would you be able to clarify when the interested parties are notified about a change in prices? At the moment I only see a pop-up message about this on discounts. Not when I increase/decrease the price.


From what I’ve noticed is that if domains prices are changed they end up last in rank in its changed price (when sorted low to high) and then gradually come to a better or older rank.

I would also want to know whether the rank or SH advertisement suffer for a domain, if it’s price is changed to lesser than what SH appraised while approval.

@grant Please tell us. Also, I don’t expect a detailed answer, if that’s too much information. Just drive home the point for us. Thanks!


I doubt that price is one of the signals in ranking algorithm, and thus I don’t think changing price will affect raking.

I am interested in the relationship between prices & STR, for example what is price threshold after which STR is reduced considerably?

Also I am interested in the relationship between shortlists & sales. I suspect that domains with too many shortlists (100+) do not sell for some reason but I am not sure about that though.

It would be awesome if we get such insights about these things.