Changes to winner selection process for Abandoned Contests

We are making some changes to the Best Entry winner selection process effective immediately. These changes are based upon the collective feedback from the creatives as well as our desire to reduce SH’s involvement in determining the final winner for an abandoned contest. We have evaluated several alternatives and while our goal was to minimize SH’s involvement in winner selection, we believe it wouldn’t be fair to contestants if we make this a completely random process. Therefore, the new process still leaves a level of subjectivity, but it introduces an element of randomization among the shortlisted entries. Here’s how it will work:

  1. In case of abandoned contests, creatives will still be invited to nominate Best Entries in a contest (this process stays the same).
  2. After 2 days of Best Entry Invitation, Squadhelp team will begin shortlisting submissions from the following groups:
    a) Entries that have received Best Entries nominations
    b) Entries that have received “Love It” or “Like It” ratings
  • Squadhelp team will shortlist upto 10 entries from the above lists based upon the quality of the submission, fit to the brief, as well as comments from the CH.
  • If an entry has been shortlisted, you will see a “Thumbs Up” ( :thumbsup: ) icon next to your entry.
  • All shortlisted entries will receive 75 points as a bonus.
  • A winner will be selected based upon a random pick from the list of these shortlisted entries. The winner will receive the full award prize.

We believe this solution allows an opportunity for all deserving entries to be considered even if the CH didn’t rate enough entries during the contest. At the same time, it makes the final winner selection a bit more random by allowing all top entries to have an equal chance of winning.


I think SH may exclude “Best entries” from completely rated contests by CH , before abandonment.
If CH rates a contest until end, CH showed us what they liked.
In that case: SH should pick from “Love it” entries only in contests with multiple “Love it” OR from “Love it and Like it” combined if Love it <3

Just my POV!


Interesting thought, Anjy. And certainly how I’d feel if I had one of the few green faces in a contest. Still, I’m on the fence, because I don’t know as there’s any way to tell if entries have been completely rated. There have been situations where my entries were “seen” – meaning the CH went to the page and scrolled – and ignored. Later the same day, or even later than that, the CH came back to really look, and rated.

Maybe even more to the point, so many CHs rate high and then come back and rate low. If this type of CH abandons a contest, you don’t know where he/she was in the selection process, meaning one early high-rated name could have an unfair advantage over another.


so assuming the ch didn’t rate through SH will pick 10 entries, however had the CH rated through leaving 1 love it SH could potentially only mark say 3 entries as nominated, or will it always be 10?

A good example is the latest winner. There was one love it and that name was not chosen by CH.


As before with any system, there will cases where you will get royally screwed, as well as a few wins that may not have come your way, not matter the system, even the Old Old system where whoever was top trender got it,
And who wants that job where you select a winner then get a slew of emails saying really? Favoritism? you just gave them that win cause they haven’t won before or in a while, ! So I get why they want to the ability to say hey the computer did it)))))


Sooo…there’s no monetary prize? :confused:
That takes most of the excitement out of winning an abandoned contest for me. Actually, considering part of it is now random selection, there’s not much left to be excited about.

At least when SH selected a winner you knew a group of people collectively deemed you worthy. If I’m not winning money or bragging rights (for lack of a better term) what’s the point? I’m certainly not here for points or to just be creative. Some of you may be, but I’m not.

Oh well, as long as active contests have monetary prizes I’m happy!

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The winner still gets a money prize.They are just chosen out of the top 10,and the other top ten people get points as a consolation prize, if I am understanding this correctly.

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HA! I read that last part wrong. Whew! Thank goodness! Thanks Holly :blush:

This hybrid selection (partly randomized) is the most comprehensive solution to a problem, that would have otherwise been encountered in the winner selection process, had it been wholly left randomized, i.e.of assuring the quality aspect of an eventual winning name to be worthy of preserving the high standards of the ‘winning wall of fame entries’ as well as of maintaining the squadhelp own trademark seal of leading star quality.

As I mentioned before, possible solution to stop those emails claiming favoritism is: Pick the winner out of those top 10 anonymously.

System should hide creative’s names even before picking top 10 - then SH should pick the best one which is best fit as per contest requirement - not a random pick.

Even further, SH may hide creative name (to the CH) in all active contests as well. CH does not need to know - who is submitting? So, those pretend CH will have hard time to award him/her self or a friend.


Of course the ultimate goal would be to find a way to retain the CH thru the whole process so they can choose their own names…but I don’t like this random pick very much. I thought it was more stressful knowing you were in the running then leaving it up to an autobot,and not the strength of your name. I have a hard enough time winning on my talent…I have zero success trying to win on luck.It makes it feel like you’re in a lottery.

It would be interesting to know if CH’s decisions are ever motivated by who the creative is.

The only downfall I see about your logic in not awarding to a self/friend…wouldn’t it be just as easy for the “friend” to tell them which name they submitted,and of course they would already know what name was theirs if they submitted it.

I guess that’s the crux.Trying to find a method that works for all and feels fair.
I like how you are creatively thinking for alternatives,Anjy…


Could not think that in early morning before breakfast, now I am wide awake…LOL :smile:
Agree, I will too love my name win on its strength than on luck.
LOL… I haven’t try Lotto in my life. I believe in work/action more than luck.

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Great solutions, Anjy!

@Anjy, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately it would not be practical to make this process completely anonymous. This is because we have to evaluate other aspects in addition to the name itself. For example, many times there are private communications between the creative and CH which provide additional insight about their preferences. We review these communications in addition to evaluating the name, and it would not be practical to do all that by making this a blind selection process.

Also, I would like to address some of other comments/ points made earlier. Our intention is to shortlist up to 10 top names in abandoned contests. This doesn’t mean that in all contests we will always shortlist 10 names. Some times, we might only pick 5 or 7 names if we believe those are the only best candidates for winning the contest. Each name that we short list, must be worthy of winning the contest on its own, based upon the fit with the contest brief, quality, CH comments etc. The random selection is only among these best choices. This is different from a lottery where we throw all the names into the mix - here we have already identified the top names, and the final selection is being done using a random algorithm from these list of shortlisted choices. The reason to make this last step random is to disassociate Squadhelp team from the final winner selection, so that all shortlisted names have equal opportunity to win.


Here’s my question then,please…what if you have multiple names in the highest rated entries? Are your chances capped at one entry to be shortlisted? Or is it possible then to have more than one be in the shortlist if you had multiple good names the CH scored as high entries, and/or great best entries? Or would more than one good name be ignored?

Like for example…if there where 5 high rated names, and you had 3 of them…would you only have the chance to have 1 name shortlisted, even though you had over half of the highest rated names?

I do like the fact that it isn’t necessarily 10 names shortlisted every time.That makes it nice to think you are up against hopefully the best names, and not just space fillers.


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@hollygirl, there is no such cap. You could have multiple names shortlisted in the same contest.

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Cool! Thanks for clarifying…

And I guess the same is true that in certain cases you will only shortlist one ?

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It is highly unlikely that we will only shortlist one, unless it was a very special circumstance when there is a clear winner. For example, when all of the entries are rated low except for one which is rated as “Love it” and none of the entries are unrated.

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