Changes to Ratings, Points and Percentile Score

Based upon feedback from several creatives, we are announcing few changes effective today:

1. No deduction in points on a rating downgrade:

If you receive a high rating, which is later downgraded to a lower rating, you will no longer lose points. We will remember the “highest rating” ever received on your entry for the purpose of point award.

2. No impact to percentile score in case of a rating downgrade:

Same as point #1. Your percentile scores will no longer be affected if you receive a lower rating on an entry which previously received a high rating. On the contrary, if you receive an “upgrade” on your rating, you will earn the additional points and the percentile score will take into account your higher rating.

In other words, we will use the highest rating you ever received on an entry to decide your points as well as stats. This way, if a CH eliminates certain entries as they continue to refine their shortlist, it will not have any effect on your stats.

This change is effective immediately and will apply to any new ratings received starting today.


Love this! Thank you!


That’s great! I sure could have used this a few days ago when my 3 love its in a contest were downgraded to nahs! lol! But glad it won’t happen going forward. Thanks for listening,Dan!

The other thing this should help,if I’m understanding it correctly, is in your entry section where your names are grouped according to high ratings,they should still stay highly rated, right? I sometimes will check that for names to reuse.When you had high rated names that then were rejected…they priorly would kick out of the high rated section…even though they are good names. So I can assume they will stay as high rated then,once they have been rated high,regardless of what happens after? I hope what I’m asking makes sense…:0)

Thank you @Dan! :fireworks:

Thanks @Dan! I’ve not been here long enough to see how the other way effected everything, but I do like not losing points when they make changes!

I sure wish we had notifications back about splits coming!!!

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I agree…it’s too late once they award it…

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Oh well cant discuss that here edited my post above,

Holy exclamation point!