Changes to Rating & Point System

Today, we have implemented several changes in the rating and point system to improve our platform, based upon feedback received from many contestants.

The main goal of this change is to continue to reward and recognize those contestants who consistently submit high quality names. At the same time, we have taken away some of the “Negative” aspects of 1 star ratings. Heres a summary of key changes:

1. Changed the rating to a 4 point scale:

We have changed the rating system from 1-5 stars, to a new 4 point “smiley” system which better conveys a Contest Holder’s preference for a name. Essentially, the underlying ratings are the same however we have eliminated the 1 star rating category completely. We believe the difference between 1 star and 2 star rating was not very clear (in both cases the CH did not find the name to be a good fit), therefore we have eliminated the 1 star ratings. If a contest holder selects the red “Not a Good Fit” rating, it will be automatically hidden from their view, so they can focus on the high rated and not rated submissions.

2. No Negative Points for Low Ratings

We are moving the point system to more of a positive reinforcement system, and have removed the punitive aspects. Therefore, the contestants will not lose points if they receive the “Not a Good Fit” rating, which is the red smiley. To balance this, we have reduced the points for contest participation from 10 to 5.

3. No Changes to User Stats

The user high rating percentage will not change. This will continue to be based on number of high ratings received divided by total ratings. Therefore, if you consistently submit high quality names, your high rating percent will improve, and you will be able to submit more entries in contests.

4. No Lost Points on Rating Downgrades (once Contest is closed)

Once a contest is closed, you will not lose points even if the CH downgrades your rating from high to low.

We believe these changes will help eliminate some of the stress related to 1 star ratings, and will better convey a contest holder’s preference for a name.


I noticed the change and it seemed weird to see all the different colors and such. :0)

It will be interesting to get used to it, and see how it changes things.It will be nice not to have the point loss and stigma of 1 star…especially when you followed the brief.

I wonder if it will increase or decrease the number of higher ratings. I guess we’ll see as it goes along.

I kinda wish it had started with new contests, and not with contests that were already running though.,as it changes some of your ratings.

Thanks for listening to us Dan…and trying to make it all more equitable and positive!

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I really appreciate the changes you have made for the most part. It will take away the stress of losing points when clients get too fancy free with the dreaded 1 star rating. The only thing that bothers me is all those disapproving red faces staring back at me is kind of disheartening. I’m not suggesting that you change it. That’s just my 2 cents.


Quick question…which smiley faces will automatically be in the running w/o having to do “best entry” marking now for abandoned contests?

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@jackieheraty Both the green smileys. (Like it and Love it). They are what 4 star and 5 star ratings used to be.


The only thing I am finding that will be hard to get used to, is what used to be a 3…or mid range score…now looks like a two, or that you failed.

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Dan…this is great, very simple and easy to follow. Great Job SH!!


Band of Smileys need shorter names. One word only.

Changes seems well thought of and clear. This should inspire creativity and reduce stress. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I like, I love it, I want some more of it😄


Im seeing a lot of unhappy faces

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I got one of the first LOL someone else beat me to it

It feels like when you are in the hospital and there is the pain chart,lol


A very welcomed change of pace ! Looking at parallels in the legal world,one feature of this shift (cancelling out the negative aspects of a 1 star rating) is comparable to the introduction of a no-fault divorce with its motto of no matter whose fault it is, if it’s not a good fit they call it quit :slight_smile:


@Dan really love the Bright &Cheerful approach to the new rating system :+1::+1:

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We have made one more change in relation to high rated %, and the pie charts. We are now including the withdrawn entries, to determine the overall high rated %. This is because the stats for some contestants were incorrectly high, due to the fact they had withdrawn all or most of their low rated entries.

So the high rated % calculation will work like this:

(Total number of OK + Like It +Love It Ratings) / Total Number of Rated Entries

This change will ensure all contestant’s stats are consistent and take into account all of their submitted entries that were rated (even if they were eventually withdrawn).


Ok thought It was odd some of the ratios I saw that makes sense now why! thanks for clearing that up.

Ha ha! I agree …too funny! Hopefully we’ll mainly be on the happy end of the chart!


haha! i like it. I love it.

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@dan guilty as charged, those red faces had to go though, they reminded me of my old math teacher :rage: I’ll have to do more research on each brief to avoid seeing that angry face :smiley:

Maybe you could consider another emoji, to save me from nightmares
Some suggestions:

:imp: :umbrella::lemon: :skull_and_crossbones: :gun: :question::black_joker: Y :speech_balloon: :sos: :broken_heart: :doughnut: :bomb:
Liking the new system tho :smiley:

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