Changes to Private Messaging

Based upon ongoing feedback from creatives, and after monitoring the private messages being sent to the CH, we have decided to remove this option from naming contests.

Creatives can now communicate with the CH by either sending a public message, or by adding a comment to their entry. As always, please ensure that all messages comply with our messaging policy.


I think that is great news. I have rarely ever used that , I usually just say something in comment on the name I am entering.


I’m all for this, Grant. At the same time, it’s sad that it had to be done because of some.
I am “hoping” though that we can have a way to send a thank-you if our name is chosen, maybe using the old PM system that identified the contest, etc.

I actually believed that we couldn’t send PMs when contests were open anyway (that they all appeared on the public board). LOL. But I HAVE had CHs PM me personally and I thought I couldn’t respond… so, can you also make sure the CHs know that we cannot respond?

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Funny we were just discussing this in another thread. I think it’s fine. I only used it to thank the CH for a win.


What if the CH wants to contact us privately?

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They just click on your entry and leave a message, or they click on you (your avatar - or the “details”) and can hit the “send message” button


Thanks Jackie, and true, but creatives could still use that avenue to contact CHs So It would still be a private message per se ,just through another route. My concern is if SH cuts off the access from CH to creative

If I am not mistaken, we can still click on CH’s name, go to his profile and we have option to send him a message from there, and we can select the contest we are contacting him about.