Changes to Membership Tier Benefits

We have been recently contacted by few sellers about confusion related to Membership Benefits offered as they move from one Level to another.

The membership benefits are currently awarded incrementally (e.g. if you move from Gold to Platinum), you are awarded 400 coins (since you already received 100 coins for achieving a Silver status). However the benefits page can be interpreted to mean that the sellers would receive an ADDITIONAL 500 coins when they move to Platinum Status.

To eliminate any confusion, we will be awarding the full benefits for each membership level in addition to the benefits you might have received previously for your previous status.

This change specifically applies to Coins, and Complimentary Super boosts.

If you have already been upgraded from Silver to Gold or Gold to Platinum, you will receive a notification within the next few days when the additional coins and super boosts have been deposited to your account. We have also updated the Benefits page to reflect this change.


Does that work both ways? @grant

Those of us that went to Platinum when the membership tiers were introduced missed out on silver and gold… will we get silver (50 coins) and gold (100 coins) now added as we missed those?



Thank you, this is very interesting, only the specified link does not say anything about platinum status

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Now that superboosts no longer exist as a paid benefit (only a tier benefit) and now that all of us at certain levels already used the superboosts (that never worked as advertised), and now that you know that this benefit of membership never worked as originally advertised,
Inquiring gold members want to know


@AbleBrands Correct. The reason we previously offered only the difference in coins on status upgrade was because it would not have been fair to the sellers who had already qualified for the Premium level when we announced these benefits.

With this change, any sellers who immediately qualified for a higher tier will receive the benefits for previous tiers as well. For example, if you achieved a Platinum status when the tiers were introduced, you will now receive the incremental coins (and superboosts) for Silver as well as Gold levels as well.


As the days go by and coins disappear into the computer universe i feel like i’ve been robbed of my well earned money. I have spent so much money on coins. My soul still has not gotten over the fact that I spent 4 coins on hundreds of domains for lifestyle images (over US$400) and now they are free :frowning: I received no compensation, even if it was days before the announcement.


Thanks so much @grant

If anyone asks that what’s the best thing that happened to me lately, I’d say this :nerd_face::grimacing:

Next, I’m waiting for SH’s Christmas present…:wink:


It is a pity that my question was ignored. Grant, please explain to mere mortal creatives what Platinum is. I can not find information about this anywhere. I feel uncomfortable when I don’t understand something.

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@Edukar, “Platinum” is the highest level of benefits (500+ domains).

Each level (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) and its benefits is clearly shown in the link Grant provided:


Very strange. Because I don’t see Platinum on the link. This is what I see


Likely due to your screen resolution. Here’s the platinum tier:


Thanks, Grant, for correcting this situation with the levels, coins and boosts.

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I seem to be registered as a contest holder rather than a namer .Does anyone know how to change your status

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You can’t change it on your own. So use the blue button to contact customer service.