Changes to Instant Domain and Instant Recommendations

We have made a few changes to simplify the process for Instant Domains and Instant Recommendations.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Creatives can now follow a single step to categorize their entries and nominate them for approval in Instant Domains as well as Instant Recommendations. Click on “Classify and Sell” from your my Entries page. You will be able to specify whether you are interested in selling the domain as part of Instant Domains, or including that in Instant Recommendations (or both).
  2. Squadhelp team will review the submissions and approve them if they are a good fit for Instant Recommendations or Instant Domains marketplace.
  3. If your entry is approved for Instant Domains, your domain will be purchased by Squadhelp, and listed for sale on the Instant Domains marketplace (this process is the same as before).
  4. If your entry is approved for Instant Recommendations, your entry will be automatically recommended in future contests for similar industries (as long as the contest award is $200 or more, and it is a guaranteed contest).
  5. You will be able to clearly see the status of all your nominated names from your “My Entries” page.
  6. You can also use filters from the top of my Entries page to check the approval status of Instant Domains as well as Instant Recommendations.
  7. The Squadhelp team will also independently review some of your recent and past entries, and we will send you a notification if we believe your name is a good fit for instant domains. Note: Since we have several million names, we will only be able to review a small percentage of these names. Therefore, we highly recommend that you nominate your high quality names if you are interested in including them in Instant Recommendations or Instant Domains.

We are seeing great response from Instant Domains, and we will continue to explore additional ways to promote these names.


BRAVO :ok_hand:BRAVO :ok_hand: BRAVO :ok_hand:Squadhelp! I am impressed and never thought I could be more proud to be part of this team! These new feature of custom labels, Instant Domains and Instant Recommendations are impressive and more so, helpful and rewarding!
ThankYou SH~!


@grant On Instant Recommendations, do the CH see any description we put in please?


This is a good idea. We’ll add descriptions to Instant Recommendations.


@grant I cannot ‘like’ this enough times!

@Grant the “Smart alerts” display domain names that were sometime submitted for Instant domains, but have been registered since. Can you implement a domain name availability check before recommending previously rejected entries for another go at “Instant domains” inclusion.