Changes to High Rating % and Entry Limits

We have eliminated the High Rating % and replaced it with a new score “Overall Percentile Rank”. This change has been done to evaluate all contestant ratings on a relative basis, instead of an absolute number. This will eliminate any issues due to change in pattern of CH ratings. For example, if more CHs start giving “No Thanks” ratings because of the new rating system, it will not effect your percentile rank (because it is calculated on a relative basis i.e. how your entry ratings compare to other contestants, who are also being rated by same contest holders).

You can read more about it in below help topics.

We have also modified the Entry Limits for new contestants. The Percentile Rank will only be calculated for those contestants who have participated in at least 10 contests. Any contestant with less than 10 contests will be allowed a max of 5 or 10 entries, based upon their current rating scores.

Along with this change, we have also modified the overall maximum number of entries that can be submitted (including deleted entries). Previously, all users could simply delete their entries, and resubmit more entries until they hit an overall limit of 100. Now, that overall limit is based upon the Percentile Rank.


I dig it! Thanks for your hard work!

Great solution much fairer :slight_smile:

“Percentile” sounds more softly, than “percent” :slight_smile:

The only thing I wonder about doing this,(even though it’s nice not to be penalized by when CH’s score low to filter lists)…is this really a true representation of naming skills?

I see that many creatives who had low percentages are now with high percentages.What this new process doesn’t take into account (unless I am missing something…) is the volume of submissions,comparative to high rated entries.

Before it would be reflected in your score if you submitted like 20 names that got rejected to hit one that didn’t…now with this way,it won’t be any different if you are a creative that submits 3 names that get rejected before you hit with one, or one that had 20 rejected names first.

Won’t this encourage more hit and run names being submitted?

I feel like creatives that bombard each contest with possibly substandard names hoping one will stick, instead of those who try to be more selective and submit a few quality names, will now all be on the same level.

I don’t know if I am making my thought process clear or not.I’m having a hard time explaining what I mean.

It just seems to me that names that would have been rejected anyway because they are not quality names are going to get a pass now if the CH is a little tough on ratings.

There have been creatives who have submitted way more names in the month or so that they have been naming, than I have the entire 5+ months I have been here.

Before, their ratings were reflecting the percentage of submissions compared to what names were being positively rated or rejected…they might have 1 positive rating in 20 submissions…where other creatives might have more like 1 positive rating for every 5 rejections.

Now without the rejections being taken into account the same way…the percentages aren’t going to be accurate,are they?
I’m not pointing any fingers…just trying to make sense of this. Thanks!


Mine still looks the same, too.

We had added this chart on the public profile page for all users. We have now updated the “My Contests” page as well. If you had high rating score in the past, you will continue to be in the high percentile with this change.

Ooohhh there it is. Neat!

I was kinda thinking the same as holly from some previous numbers I saw it seems the new percentages are out of skew. Can you clarify is it similar to the bell curve ? Keeping most creatives in a similar grouping?

@seezall, the new percentages are based upon a force ranking algorithm which correlates to the previous high rating %. The system will take 1-2 days to arrive at the final percentile scores once it has evaluated all contestants few times. The relative ranking will not change but the percentile values will get more distributed. Currently most of the rankings range from 70% to 95%. Over the next few days, these percentile scores will get more spread out from 0 to 100. This will show a more clear distribution of rankings. We will also adjust the entry limits as these values get more spread out. We expect this to be completely stable by Thursday.

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Dan, maybe this was discussed in another thread: Have the “Latest Rates” disappeared or been moved? I can’t see mine now.

I just answered my own question: They appear under our activity feed. There used to be a separate way to access them in the top right corner.

@auntshommy, are you referring to the Activity Feed link on the top? We see the link on the top section. If there is another link missing, please let us know and we should be able to add it back.

I don’t understand this new rating thing. Yesterday I was at 84%. Today I’m at 68% even though I had 3 love it ratings yesterday and 5 like it ratings, as well as many on the right track ratings. Explain please! Now I’m only limited to 5 entries per contest.

@VelocityGirl, the high percentage rank index covered a relatively narrow range (approximately more or less within the 20%s), that’s why percentile distribution ranged mostly from 70%-95%. The new curve more truly represents a broad-based distribution over a wider spectrum of values among contestants…To use an analogy, essentially it acts like a magnifying glass. This is what happens when values are initially spread over a limited area.

Dan mentioned that at the moment everything is 70-95% or word to that effect and before Thursday they will go to 0-100% so if we all wait until Thursday then we should all see our true percentiles.

Think of it like a bath when you first get in the water has to settle:

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Sorry just what @Vision said:)

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Mine too, it is fun ride between 89 to 72%!!!

I don’t have the same link that I used to have in the top right hand corner. I can, however, access the latest rates through my activity feed. There used to be a separate icon to access them on my SH feed.

Do you mean the little ‘bell’ that was top right, the quick link to your feed that is missing now?
…I liked that little bell :slight_smile: