Changes to Contest Submission

We have made several changes to contest submission screens, to eliminate any confusion related to different types of contests.

1. “Minor Variations are allowed”: In contests where the CH has stated that a domain name is required but minor variations are allowed, you will now be able to submit two names. The first name would be for the brand or company. Second name would be for domain name. This way, you can submit a domain name with minor variation if the matching name (same as brand name) is not available. For example, you might submit “Widget” as the brand name, but “” or “” as the domain name.

2. Company and Domain Name Contests: Again, in these contests, you will now be able to submit a differnet variation for domain name.

There are many contests where a domain name is a “nice to have” but the CH is really looking for a good brand name or product name. In these situations, our new changes will allow you to focus on submitting good brand names, and not get restricted to finding only those names where an exact domain is available.

Hopefully, this will eliminate any confusion we had related to contests where “Variations are allowed”.