Change in rating system


I’m a newbie and have a question that I couldn’t find the answer to. Please explain to me the changes in the ratings below. This happened with two names that submitted. Not complaining….just trying to understand how things work. Thanks in advance everyone!

First Submission:
6:45pm Like It
7:18pm Love It
7:19pm No, Thank You.

Second Submission:
6:45pm Like It
7:19pm Love It.


Sometimes a name grows on them and they move it upward. Yay! Other times, they grow to hate it. Yuck! And then other times they go back and forth and end up giving you the same rating you started with. Huh? It’s a bit crazy but they are free to do as they wish.


and sometimes they hate it -you delete it - someone else enters it- they love it -it wins


That makes sense. Thanks!


Ugh, lol! Thanks for the reply.


Honestly, it drives me crazy! I had one, it started out with a like, went to love in the deciding stage, and now they hate it - so FRUSTRATING!


It is Frustrating, but one nice thing is you keep the highest rating that you get for the entry… a little silver lining amongst the frustration :slight_smile:


Stop worrying too much about individual ratings and contests and look at the bigger picture. It all works out in the end, if you have the right combo of skill, luck and patience/persistence.


lol , been there , done that …that’s the way the cookie crumbles, that’s the way the ball bounces , no used crying over spilt milk & every other corny cliché you can think of… it’s just part of being a creative at sh , learn to live with it or it will drive you insane


Foul!!! That shouldn’t be able to happen.