Chachings today?


Same with me :frowning: @Nick
Well hoping till August 1st to see if it would come with others. fingers crossed


@kingugo123 and @Nick
Keep these things in mind:
It is 30 days from when the contest closed, not when it started. And when CHs extend contests, it drags it on and on. Then, when CHs tell SH they are delayed for whatever reason, it drags on and on. Then, in another circumstance I cannot write in the forum, it drags on and on.

What I am saying is we are “drag racers” here. LOL, hey, that was creative!


@Commulinks I know it is after 30 days from when the contest closed, I have like 2 contests ready for splits that ended since may. One was meant to be split award on June 15th while the other on July 1st but to no avail, it was not even splitted this July 15th and the CH has not been online for over 1 month+ which obviously makes you think the contests has been truly abandoned. I hope the CH pays a fee for extending and making a contest drag on and on… Lool “drag racers” that’s pretty good :slight_smile:


:heart_decoration: I’m pretty sure they don’t pay a fee for extensions. I have also had many many situations like the ones you described, and had my names held up way too long because of it. I agree, it is way too long!!!


never knew that clinks, now that I do it will save me some aggravation and I will look less.


We on today or tomorrow? :face_with_monocle::thinking:


Probably not until the third, Labor Day.


Cha-chings don’t happen on weekends or holidays. They default to the following business day.
It’s Labor day tomorrow in the US, so Tuesday should be chaching day.


Happening Right now!


Are cha chings done,anybody know,please?


@hollygirl yes, I got the email already.


Thanks…I did too now.


ChaChings Today or not? :thinking:


I haven’t gotten any…but I did see the banner that they have started.


Too bad! I can’t believe that couple of my ‘3 months ago’ still went pending. Sigh!


if they’re still pending after 3 months…it means they are in contact with shadmin