Chachings today?


No chachings today???


I see it is going now


and still going… and going and going…???


Gonna happen Today? Or may be not?


Happening right now…


Is cha-ching over? No e-mail and 4 contests with 1+months :confused:


Same with me, No email yet, Only gotten 1 cha ching that I wasn’t even watching… I still have 2 more with 1+month… Well I have asked SH, waiting for a reply.


Guys, did you get the cha-ching email? I’ve some crazy badluck with 1+month pending contests.


Yes, I received the email sometime early Tuesday morning.


Oh. I ain’t getting lucky with cha-chings :frowning:


Hey @Nick. If they are over a month closed and haven’t Cha-chinged yet, it’s because they have NOT abandoned their contest and have been in contact with SHAdmin. Hang in there. I dont watch the cha-chings, its always a pleasant surprises when I see the confetti


Are we up today?:slight_smile: :raised_hands::raised_hands:


looks like they have started…


Mine doesn’t show that it’s started


yeah, I never got the “Chaching” notice at the top of the page. I only knew because I had some.


I got a split also. Wonder why there’s no Cha-Ching banner like usual?


I have some contests of over 2 months now, hope they would come out today as splits. I haven’t gotten yet or seen the cha ching banner.


Friends, Did you get the cha-ching e-mail yet?


Yes about three hours ago!


@littodino I’m forever doomed with these 2+ months contests :frowning: