Chachings today?


not seeing any anyone get one yet?


NADA yet… have not seen anything come through either


@Vivegoodkarma Check out the Contests selected by SH…looks like you won something. Congrats.


That was one where the CH decided to DIVVY up for creative input… Chachings have not gone thru yet


Nope… not me either. Maybe because it’s a Sunday in the US?


Where are your from Commulinks


I’m from Colorado, USA. I was thinking maybe SH didn’t do these on Sunday.


Definitely no Chachings… Very unusual!


The contests I thought would cha-ching yesterday didn’t. However, I did notice on these particular contests, the CH was still active 2 days ago even though the contest is over 30 days. Hence, not abandoned.


@Grant, do you know when the Chachings will be done?


While we do our best to make sure that Chachings are done on the 1st and the 15th, there can be slight changes in this schedule due to holidays and other factors.


@Grant, what does this mean for yesterday’s Chaching that hasn’t gone through yet, as far as I know… are they being done later today or did they happen already?


I think they are happening now, @Commulinks. I’ve already received two.


I just received a few so I think they are happening now (or maybe they are done now)…



Here we go gang! Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Just received the email so it’s over for this time round. I hope everyone else did well too.

Thank you very much SH, appreciated as always.


Thank you everyone for letting me know. I didn’t have any this time so I wouldn’t have known and it’s important for me on the mid-month chaching to know that it is done. I appreciate it. Congrats to all!


I had an entry shortlisted in a contest for three months, then the contest was cancelled. It happens sometimes, I guess.


Shelton, I wanted to let you know that it is best to use the Blue Button to ask SH about situations like these rather than the forum. They usually have a reason and will provide you with info that will explain.


Thank you, Commulinks.