ChAChings today? AUGUST 1


Any info on ChaChings for today ?


It’s Slated to be later in the day today, let’s see.


Do they all come in at once or does it trickle? How do you know when a contest is set to kaching, I know its at least Thirty days but not sure what else comes into plat?


As far as contest chaching…in a nutshell, you won’t know. Cha-chings trickle in. When it’s done, you will receive an email. Contest can hang around for.months without closing for various reasons. Most importantly,bit means they are usually in contact with SHadmin


I recently saw one from a year ago that never closed.


maybe it got lost in the shuffle clinks. Blue Button? I was absent for a bit I have a lot of catching up to do, so if one came in from me I can assume my other possibles are not coming? Or as long as i see the in progress thing up top? I’ve been trying to catch up on market place and I am one lost puppy.


Let us know how we can help you catch up, Slogana. Happy to answer questions.
I didn’t bother to BB the one I saw… I’ve just learned not to spend time on that stuff.


Are the cha chings over,please? I didnt get the final email yet. Did pretty well this time around. Good thing,as I just had to spend $750 getting my new car fixed. Ouch!


I haven’t received an email yet, Holly.


just got it now, Holly


I got email but my account didn’t go up…anyone else?


Are we on today???


They are going now but the banner is taken up with the announcement. I just know because I got one.


any word? Did they complete it, or are they still going today? Guess I didn’t receive any cha-chings this time around. :frowning:


I believe it is over. I received an email last night.