Chachingery and so on


I imagine site issues are causing delays in our chachingery today? Or did I miss something?


Might be they forgot to implement chachings in new concept :slight_smile:


I was wondering the same thing. If you missed it, so did I:)


IT’S HAPPENING …ChaChing-ChaChing!!


Woohoo! got mine! Thanks Squadhelp.


And where is the confetti?..:0)


I forgot…did you have to make at least $25 still to request a payout,please?


That’s the way I’m understanding it. So if you have less, you have to wait until you earn more or maybe now you can purchase coins or a few other things … I think? The only thing I’m almost sure on, though, is that you do have to have a minimum amount in your balance in order to get a payout.


I don’t get it when I open home page…I am getting the confetti when I open a random contest page I’ve participated in- which is kinda of a bummer Coz I’M LIKE OH YAY I WON😒Only to discover it’s closed or still pending- ugh😒

PS:The confetti has stopped😀


Does anyone know if the Cha-Ching is over yet? I never received an email (though I did receive a couple of cha-chings, so should have got one if it’s over). I’ve seen it span across 2 days before…so just wondering if anyone received the email?


I did not receive an email and I did receive some chachings.


Thanks! Guess I will wait to request a payout since they don’t do payouts on weekends anyway…


I didnt get an email but was viewing a contest and got an alert saying I received a split. Was a nice surprise:) Gave me the opportunity to get some coins.Feeling Thankful<3