Cha-Ching Update


Currently, we start the “Cha-Ching” (Award Distribution process) on the 15th and last day of each month.

Moving forward, if this date falls on a holiday or weekend, we may start the Cha-Ching on the next business day.


I expected a payout today. It’s especially important on the last day of the year. Disappointed there were no chachings today.


I was thinking the same thing… :frowning:


Sorry about the delay in Cha-ching. Squadhelp office was closed due to New Years holiday. Therefore, we will be processing the Cha-Chings today. Happy New Year!


Good luck, everyone!


I really like the heading at the top of my home page saying " Cha Ching in progress" Good Luck Everyone! !


I also like how the banner will also tell you that your account balance has increased with a link


But it doesn’t stop when it’s over. It should stop.


Mine reads like there is still a Cha-Ching going on, but there isn’t


I do too.I think it’s awesome to see the falling confetti😍


Glad! a little Cha-ching and above all, a beautiful victory!:sparkler: I worked a lot for 2 months and there, the rewards come.
Good luck to all of you!


@jackieheraty if your talking about the confetti…from what I understand…it falls all day if you received a split or won a contest. I beleieve the cha-ching banner goes away after the final emails are sent.


@LisaMac No, I am not talking about the confetti. I was talking about the banner that kept saying “in process” …so I thought, “Oh maybe they are still going thru them”. but after several hours of no new activity I realized that it just kept posting the message even though the cha-ching was finalized and over. I think the message should stop once it is completed. Maybe it did finally stop after the email is sent, problem is I sometimes don’t get the email sent until the next day for some reason. (or delayed by many many hours)


I’m in NYC and I seen the banner up all day, then I got my cha-ching late in the afternoon, then my email came last night. Maybe there were a lot of contests to process. Maybe the system is recovering from New Year’s like the rest of us. Lol