Cha ching Today?


Hello creatives, just want to know if cha ching is on?


There will be a Cha-Ching at some point today.


please keep me posted


It started I think like an hour ago. :slight_smile:


New here…what does cha-ching mean?


I never saw any, but then I usually don’t,lol I hope everyone gets a little something for the Holiday season :christmas_tree:


@Crystal_C Crystal_C
cha-chings are awards from abandoned contests that are split between people who had loves AND shortlists in contests that are at LEAST over 30 days old.


The help section has a lot of useful information, including important policy info too. Being that you’re new I highly recommend checking this section out.


Are we getting one today?


@KacperFilip They already did it on December 31st.


They already did on 31st?? Oh wow, didn’t know.