Cha-Ching! Oct 31


I only have 1 possible with a lot of us in the split…it’s been over 60 days…I’d also love to see a coaching has ended…better luck next cycle notification so we know :slight_smile: wouldn’t mind seeing some confetti this month.


I can’t even remember when last I have high ratings, maybe that’s the reason why I’m not winning as I’ve won absolutely nothing ever since I was introduced. Although I’m a nurse, and here in Nigeria, the workload for nurse is just too much, hence it’s very difficult submitting any entries after closing from work. In summary @littodino, I don’t know the confetti you are talking about, hence, you can help those who have not seen it before and is interested on it here by uploading the screenshot if allowed. Once again, congratulations to those who win Cha-Chin and to those who are winning contest


I think the confetti should stay. All day long, or even longer. For those who rarely win contest very often, or for first time winners, this celebratory confetti can be very exhilarating and a great motivator. Maybe those already fed up with the confetti on day one can request not to be receiving them. But I honestly do not think it’s would be such a good idea to eliminate, blanket style, for all creatives. Speaking for myself, I loved the confetti and the notifications coming with it. It was a huge mood boost and great for my motisho. Keep it up SH!!


Nurses rule most important job ever, in order to get money a caching you have to get shortlisted or have a love if nothing was shortlisted and a like if nothing was loved and the contest has to be abandoned…then they split the,award between every one with the highest ratings…it’s hard most of us submit to quite a few contests and don’t get a high rating till we hit just right so you could have a few hundred submissions in before an actual win but could still potentially get a split award.