Cha-Ching! Oct 31


Hi everyone,
If you see the cha-chings starting, can you post here? I don’t “think” I have anything in the queue this time but I want to know anyway!

Good luck everyone!


Isn’t it tomorrow? I thought it was the first for some reason Haha


You might be right @littodino
I don’t remember now!


It is sort of a holiday… ish… depending on your view so I have no clue. @grant said the last of the month unless it’s a holiday in the update… meep. :confounded:


Halloween probably doesn’t count as a holiday since it isn’t a US federal holiday.


We did have a National Holiday this month-Columbus Day…I wonder if that may have pushed it up a day?


I think it’s only if the last day or the 15th does it get moved. Not sure though :slight_smile:


Idk either @littodino…maybe we’ll know soon:)?


Hmmmm… it must be the 1st???


Maybe Squadhelp could just start sending out a notification via the blue bell when the Cha-Chings start, so everyone would be notified simultaneously.


I’ve once blue button them, but they said they don’t know when Cha-Chin usually start. I think the machine automatically start after a period of time without SH knowing when it will start. That’s just my conclusion thou after contacting them


Cha-ching is in progress! Love that banner! Thank you SH.


A banner popped up on the top of my screen just now, saying
" Cha Ching has started! " Woohoo!

Great addition SH to inform us when it has begun!

:crossed_fingers:Fingers Crossed :moneybag::moneybag: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Saw the banner as well, thou I saw that my account has rise, but by the time I checked, there was nothing, I’m using this time to congratulate each and every creatives who are fortunate to win from November Cha-Chin, happy winning month


I didn’t see it - where did you see it? This is awesome!


When you go to a contest page it’s on the top.


There’s also now a confetti animation… on every page. I loved it once but it’s getting old :joy:


@littodino I didn’t see any confetti :smile:


I bluebuttoned lol. Apparently if you win a contest it does it all day long.


I just saw the confetti.:confetti_ball: