Cha-Ching Oct 15


Has started.

Good luck everyone!


Thank you! I was wondering!!!


Hoping it’s not finished yet. :roll_eyes:


email received now…


I haven’t got any cha-ching update. My shortlists are still as they were. I believe SH sends out email after ALL cha-ching are processed.
Or may be I’m missing something?


Nick, yes, emails are all sent out at once when the cha-ching process is done for everyone. If you haven’t gotten anything, (check activity feed also), then it means that yours are not old enough, etc…

Your short-list names won’t cha-ching unless the contest has been closed for more than one month with no winner selected. Oftentimes, it is longer than a month. Cha-chings are only for abandoned contests.


@Commulinks I get you, but then there is an update that if the CH is interacting with SH regarding the contest, SH won’t ‘cha ching’ it. On the flip side if the CH has not logged on to their SH account for days, it will be cha-chinged.
Usually it was rare, but both of my shortlisted contest had this thing yesterday.