Cha-ching! Oct 1


Has anyone seen the Cha-ching yet today? Grant had posted that if the 15th or 30th fall on a weekend, the Cha-ching would be the next weekday. Thanks y’all.


Nothing here so far.


I was JUST about to post the same question! Thanks @Commulinks! I have been “overlooked” the past two months :sunglasses: I was hoping not again! :wink: Ok Fingers Crossed
GoodLuck Creatives! :moneybag: Come to Mama!:moneybag:


It has begun! You made me LOL @Alphaomega808! GOOD LUCK!


Email received now. This one surprised me because I had an older one that I was waiting for that didn’t come through in this round. Oh well, onward!


That seemed like a really quick one! I had a couple come through that I’d been expecting… I’d rather win the full amount but some is better than none I suppose. It’s been a rough couple of months for me… ugh.


Me too, @tristine24, (Rough time lately).


Me three! And onto Month 3 :hushed: Very impatiently waiting :wink:


Me Four:( The Splits are a Godsend. Thank you SquadHelp!!