Cha-Ching Nov 30th


So… according to Grant’s update… it should be today? Any word?


I dont sweat it too much it will happen it may be later or tomm just depending on how they do it and working out closed contests… they are never unfair and make sure it happens dont get discouraged :slight_smile:


Oh no, I know dear haha- I’ve just been confused with the new schedule and was just hoping for a pick me up.
Grant said that if it falls on a weekend it won’t be until the next business day. :slightly_frowning_face:


It may start at midnight which it has happened that is why I dont sweat it I LOVE THE SUPRISE!!! makes SH MORE INTRUIGING AND FUN


…Captain Grant?


I BlueButtoned this today, will fall on next business day, IF not today… :crossed_fingers:


just as an aside, whats up with the $302 dollar contest. I almost wished you hadn’t mentioned chaching day,because its been getting on my nerves. The day (not you) I’d rant about that but I think I did that last month.


Hahaha- I had to think about that one… I honestly think it’s strategic- sort by largest prize amount- places their contest at the top.
As for Cha-Ching- I feel you… last time was not bueno for me either…


hello y’all…what’s the update on this


Started already @BlueSpice