Cha-Ching Jan 31


Jan 31 - Where’s the Cha-Ching? Did I miss out again? :disappointed:
Good Luck everyone! Keep on Keepin on


Cha-Ching has started just now )


Ah HA! fingers crossed Good Luck Everyone with a Midas Touch!

@vuriko How do you know? Are you getting an email notification? What is the tell tell $ign?


Just saw some splits in my Activity Feed.


Surprise Surprise, Got Nothing Again(((( Thanks for letting me know


Lucky Duck and oh so Grateful! I haven’t won a contest lately, and I’m lucky if I get a “Like” Can’t seem to bring one win across home plate. Trying not to get discouraged and instead to just keep trying. A split 3 ways on a $300 has just perked my spirits! $110 on ChaChing Day has been my biggest take home yet. :sunglasses: Good Luck my fellow creative peeps!


I haven’t received an email yet, has anyone else? I received one split so far…


so do me - I got $25 at 1 split but I hope it’s only beginning of the feast :0)


No email yet for me too.


@Commulinks I haven’t received any email yet either. Had one split.


Mine happened yesterday. Weird.


Still no emails? Did SH change the split routine? Getting the emails is the only way we know when it is finished.
@grant: Can you provide insight?


Recently i’ve got one more split. So maybe Cha-Ching is still continuing…


Just got my email :slightly_smiling_face: so, everything’s ok


Thanks, just got mine, too. “And so it is done”… LOL.
Not a huge chaching for me but it’s ok by me!!!

@Alphaomega808 thanks so much for posting this. I just want to know when it is happening and when it is done, for the same reason you posted “did I miss it”??? Greatly appreciated.


Probably alot of stuff they had to redo because of the matrix that was put in place and then recoding everything to make it all work would be my guess


My email came late. …but did get one.


$36 and change. I think I was the last one to get an email (but I hope I’m wrong).


Thanks for the information. I had no idea, that once you have received the email, the ChaChing distribution has been completed. I wrote this thread and within minutes had seen the difference in my balance. I rubbed a lucky duck this month! :hatched_chick: Much later I received the notification in my email.