Cha-ching Jan 15


I saw lots of people asking for and about you and I see lots of people ready to support you, too. So yes, we do.


For the record all I did was explain how people on the less fortunate side feel. I NEVER asked ANYBODY to stop posting anything about splits wins or losses. It’s not my place to do so. If others can freely post about their successes then I and others can freely post our feelings as well as long as no rules are broken. I personally appreciate the compassion of some here who are able to see things from both sides. I can see both sides as well. Im not looking for a pity party or “therapy” I was just trying to clarify something hoping others could see things from a different point of view. I’m almost sorry I even said anything at all. Post whatever the heck you want. I’m done.


Everyone is asking for the same thing here, and that is for people to see things from ALL sides - because there are more than 2 sides and because everyone would like to be understood and supported whether they win or are in a slump. People immediately moved into solution mode, which meant not posting Chachings if it made people feel bad or changing the chaching responses.


[quote=“CRen, post:60, topic:2463”]
If you don’t like reading the success of others ($ amounts included) then don’t.[/quote]
On this, we can agree…

Those who feel Cha-Ching has turned into a “gloat fest” should refrain from reading it - Problem solved! :sunglasses:


Friends, let’s live amicably! I have always considered, consider and will consider this topic as encouraging, stimulating for successful work, not gloating.


Unfortunately, I fear the damage has been done. :disappointed:

Everyone will be too afraid to share their wins from now on for fear of upsetting someone, and that’s such a shame.


I won a contest go me ! :wink:


Haha. I love a good sense of humor!

Thrilled for you though, well done! :smile:


Their split wins are posted in the winners tab," selected by SH"…just like the regular wins are posted.


why are there so many un finished contests by the way.Sh have the payment details so couldnt they impose a fine of some sort if a winner isnt picked


they do them on the fifteenth and you have to be shortlisted or among the top rated in a contest abandoned by the contest holder for a certain time period. You can use the squadhelp help button or check these forums for abandoned contest or something


[quote=“CreativeJohnny, post:70, topic:2463”]
I won a contest go me ! :wink:[/quote]
OK, that made me LOL too, CJ - Such a crazy guy! :grinning:


Just want to say to discouraged people whether top earners or newbies, when I hear you guys are discouraged, I found it helpful because well, misery loves company :wink:, it was just nice to hear even super good namers go through slumps, and for me I found, a few times, I thought of quitting or backing off, I ended up getting a win. I took at as an encouraging sign from the universe, the timing on the win couldn’t have been better I hope you guys get one. AFTER I Get mine, lol, hard times. The first win is like catching your first fish. I do feel it is getting harder somehow and initially for me the splits didn’t seem worth the effort, so this thread encouraged me, as links said it was letting us know that there was a possibility here. (I still think we need to cap the amount of submissions we can put in to a lower amount and I tend to agree think it makes the contest holder (and us) have to work way to hard) It made me feel better about losing :), put a little humanness into this. I don’t consider it wasted time, because it has opened up a whole new world for me, and I feel like I have my finger on the pulse. I learned a lot of apps, short domains, new places, new business concepts ect. Have a great day everyone, don’t let a little controversy put a pin in your balloon.


Very encouraging! Love it!!

Feb 15 - Cha-Ching!

oy spellings and grammar, sorry spent more time than I was supposed to on the site and rush wrote that one.